VibeHolic, is a vibration speaker system, an innovative concept that was also being exhibited during the CeBIT 2010. The system is pretty resemble I-MU Vibro Speaker, user will need some kind of medium to stick on before you could hear any sound.

This VibeHolic is perhaps a new concept for future speaker system, where vibration is the key and any flat surface will be capable of becoming a speaker.





And the exciting doesn’t end there. The flat surface may include the thin postcard or a bit thicker material such as paper box, wood, books, bags, glass, etc.

As for the key for good sound using VibeHolic is to find good surface, the harder the surface, the louder will the music be.

Almost anything that could transfer the vibration and those with good potentiality to give feedback will become a good medium for VibeHolic. The harder the surface, the louder the music will be.

Price: GBP30.90 [ you could get one from VibeHolic’s official site here ]