A virtual boarding agents was spotted on Orly airport in Paris, France. If everything goes as planned, you could expect to see virtual agents at most of major airports in near future.

The virtual agents will have perpetual smile on them, and best of all, they will not need a toilet breaks or having strike due to extreme inflation, long work hours and underpay.

Of course, the virtual agent will never know what a long day would be, and she/he will likely to serve you 24 hours, as long as the computer is running and the projection camera is working.


The pilot project has received a mix responds between amusement and surprise by airport users, as the virtual agent will greet every boarding travelers and directing them to their boarding gate. The images seems appear from thin air and whenever you push the button to summon them, the virtual agent will begin to guide you to the boarding process.

In the long run, the question will back to users, whether you prefer a real human interaction in dealing with your boarding process inside the airport or should you prefer the ATM type of machine guided process?

In years to come, manual labors will eventually replaced by those machines and robot, while human have to focus on more strategic jobs and duties to ensure those machines and robots running smoothly, in order and no ‘interruption’ from unauthorized party.

[ Source: Yahoo News ]