A pleasant moment to read the news about what Volvo has been pushing in the past couple of months! The new Hydrogen Fuel Cell is somehow a silent agreement with the rest of the market that, the era of fossil fuel has come to an end, and green vehicle system is the ultimate answer for future means of transportation for our planet.

volvo-c30-drive-electric-evHowever, unlike those battery powered EVs, Volvo and a Sweden base company – Powercell, is now developing a new range of hybrid cars that combine the new hydrogen fuel cell technology would enjoy significant boost up of additional mileage by up to 155 miles or approximately another extra 250km!

volvo-c30-drive-ev-chargingAnd surprisingly the system seems to have similarities with Honda FCX Clarity‘s hybrid hydrogen EV system.

Stefan Jacoby, Volvo Cars President and CEO said: “This is an exciting expansion of our focus on electrification. Battery cost and size means that all-electric cars still have a relatively limited operating range. Fuel cells may be one way of extending the distance these cars can cover before they need to be recharged. What is more, the project gives us increased knowledge about fuel cells and hydrogen gas.”

volvo-c30-drivesThe new hydrogen fuel cells technology appears to be a liquid fuel petrol that will be used to create hydrogren gas to further being convert into energy to power the car. The hydrogen fuel cell will at the end generate green electricity without emitting any carbon oxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx) and other harmful particles to human being. The core materials are small amount of carbon dioxide, electricity and water.

volvo-c30-drive-ev-rear-viewSince we have been looking at the DBM Energy and Lekker Energy have been doing for the Audi A2 yesterday, you might now have some rough figure about the potential of near future electric and hydrogen powered hybrid vehicles could achieve! An add up of 599 kilometers using the battery power and the new hydrogen fuel cell for another 250 kilometers equals to 849 kilometers or about 527 miles before the Hybrid EV’s battery need for another recharge!

Volvo and Powercell, in their second phase of the project, is aiming to produce two test cars based on the current C30 DRIVe Electric that will be ready for testing in everyday traffic by 2012.

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