VQ3000 is a mobile, lightweight, fully automatic, self contained satellite system that will let you bring stylist camping outdoor while still enjoying you favorite satellite tv channel’s broadcast.


And even when you are driving, the VuQube VQ3000’s in-motion satellite tracking ability will give continuous signal. The self-contained design and weather resistant enclosure will let the unit transmit out clear and un-shattered signals. If happen you parked your car under a tree, you can simply remove the unit from the quick-release bracket and place it under the open sky.

The satellite is compatible with Dish Network, DirecTV and BellTV and as long as you have power, you can take it anywhere you can carry. It also includes DVB for positive satellite identification, Dual LNB for two satellite receivers and auto satellite switching which allows you change channels with the receiver’s remote control.

At least, outdoor activities such as camping and long riding journey won’t be a dull experience anymore. Imagine if the tour bus could actually provide your favorite satellite tv channel during the night journey, would that be awesome?

VuQube VQ3000 Specifications:

  • Height: 17.5”
  • Width 16”
  • Weight 15lbs or 6.8kg [ including the self-install kit ]
  • Wiring: bundle coax/data- 55’

Price: USD1,699.-

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