It takes the iconic shape of an up-side down light bulb, infact, this is more like a big up-side down bulb with led alarm clock. You could pre-order this Watt Time Alarm Clock at Quirky.


The Watt Time Alarm Clock is designed by Brain Kerr, we think this gadget will fit well to your bed side, but if you are a harsh alarm clock user, please reconsider it, as the alarm is mostly made out of fragile glass.



Watt Time integrates the iconic and familiar light bulb shape with your daily alarm clock. The light bulb shaped alarm clock not only adds some humor to your morning grind but might actually offer you one more reason to let go of your iPhone and blackberry. Time to put down your smart phone people, here’s an alarm clock that’s pretty enough to use!

Watt Time is constructed out of high gloss, hard plastic allowing the digital time display to shine through the bulb’s outer wall. A bright blue LED display illuminates the time and date and an easily accessible snooze button located on top of the bulb’s socket end, makes it possible for you to get those “5 more minutes” you always need. If the sound is not enough to wake you, you have the option of setting the bulb to illuminate when your alarm goes off as well.

Currently on the pre-order stage, reaching 29 orders out of total 300, wonder if any order above this quota will be processed?

Price: USD24.99

[ Source: Geeky-Gadgets ; TechFresh ; Quirky ]