WD TV – 1080p HD Media Player

by Edward Xu

in hd-dvd gadgets

WD TV is a small multimedia player from Western Digital. The Mini TV has the size slightly bigger than a men’s wallet. When you buy this gadget, it include the cords (composite A/V or component Y PB PR), remote control, AC adapter and two AA batteries.

The device comes with no internal storage, but it has USB port on the rear side of the casing for external storage device or for your home network to transmit content.





The software will help you to place the multimedia files right to the folders for ease of browsing.  The remote will help you to navigate through the folders and playing back contents are made simple and user friendly.

This device recognize most of the multimedia file formats, including Xvid, MPEG 1/2/4, VOB, MP4 and RM files.


basic package = USD99.99 ;
including WMV and H.264 support = USD130.- ;
Plus Streaming Files and Internet capabilites = USD150.-

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