Enjoy the cool outlook of this Sputnik Barometer Weather Station.  Antique and yet a bit sense of “Golden Compass”, this weather barometer has the antique appearance and elegant shiny gold chrome touch.sputnik-weather-station

It will keep you informed on the weather.  Not a digital weather stations, but this one looks great on your home office desk. The device able to read barometric air pressure and gives temperature and humidity.

It measures everything in Celsius degree, this probably not for someone in the US.  Unless you are familiar with Fahrenheit to Celcius, this weather station is finished in brass design and the sphere itself is made out of Plexiglas.

Forecast :
* Barometric air pressure
* Displayed in Hekro-pascal (hPa)
* Weather symbols
* Temperature & Humidity Measure units : °C
* Temp range: from -15 °C to 55 °C
* Relative humidity: 20-100%
* Dimensions Of the unit 220mm

Price: £109.95 [ approx. USD182.- ]

[ Source: Coolest-Gadgets ; RedFerret ; WeatherStationProducts ]