Wednesday special! We have stumbled a cross a range of products below fifty bucks that might be of interest for parents, grand parents that are seeking ideal gifts for their kids, grandsons/granddaughter or for geeks that enjoy buying affordable kind of stuffs from the online market.

Following Stringless Air Guitar is priced at USD17.96, not a highly rated products over the Amazon, but it is ideal for those that try to figure out how to guitar the geek ways. Designed with infrared sensor that detects your hand motions, you could plays all chords in major, sharf, flat and seventh, having a built-in speaker, you could also play along with the 10 pre-programmed songs.

If you don’t want to disturb your room mate or next door fellas, you could use the earphone jack for private playing, or having a little party by connecting the Air Guitar to an external amplifier. Alternatively, you could always connect the Princess International’s AG-300 Virtual Strumming Air Guitar to any music player to play along with your favorite songs.


Unlike other air guitars out there that offers only 3 or 4 chords, this one has six chords. You should find a more pro way playing this Air Guitar and some wiggle room to create your own interesting little tunes. In order to place a chord, simply hold down one of the buttons, say “A”, and an infrared beam will shoot from the sensor. By “striking” or playing with the infrared beam using your free hand, you will be able to play the said chord, giving an immerse sense to the player for being a rock star in their inner world.

However, this Air Guitar will need 2x AAA batteries to let it rock n roll, which unfortunately not included along with the purchase.

More info about pricing and availability of this Air Guitar, hit here to check it out.

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