What a hot summer! What might be the first thing come acros your mind when you are having a summer vacation on your private cottage on the mountain top? Well, a good, working ceiling fans installed inside the bed room might be a good answer, right?

If you own an antique looking wooden cottage, you might want to have something that blends in perfectly into the wood grain walls, and Hunter’s Westover Four Season ceiling fan is one of the choices that might suit your preferences.


Designed with 700-watt Illumi-heat lighting fixture, the Westover Four Season ceiling fan has aerodynamic design that directs heat downward, while the fan itself offers three-speed in downdraft and updraft options.

Depends on which season you wish to use, during those colder months, you could activate the PTC ceramic heating element to create cozy feeling during those chilling months, as the fan’s blades help to circulate heat evenly throughout the room, and it is good for summer as well to get a cool feeling during those sweating days using the conventional ceiling fan feature.


The EZ Hang Mounting system is designed to help homeowners for an easy and safe installation, retailed about $230.45 over Amazon, but if you are willing to take the chance try up new merchant, you could get up to 90 percent discount, right here! (The merchant is relative new, but see if you could get best worth value for your money, right?)