The Only Pet Tracker You’ll Ever Need

Missing pets may no longer be a problem with the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker.

This highly useful pet tracker and activity monitor keeps track of wandering pets, and promptly warns owners when their pets either leave their safe place — or when they just came back home from a little stroll.

What makes this tracker exceptionally special is that it’s packed with features designed to keep track of the pets’ whereabouts at all times.

Using simple yet incredibly useful technology, the Whistle 3 provides amazingly accurate location and keeps data that allows owners to track where their pets have been to, and when exactly.

Whistle Pet Tracker

Price: $79.95


Owners get both text and email notifications as soon as their pets leave the premises tagged as their ‘safe place’, and are warned before the pets wander off too far.

Using Wi-Fi, cellular, and GPS technology, the Whistle 3 provided swift and accurate information of the pets’ location, allowing owners to track their pets right away in situations where it’s urgently needed.

Whistle 3 also allows owners to check the locations that their pets have been to in the last 24 hours using Wi-Fi technology. The device automatically creates and summarizes data comprised of the ‘trips’ that the pets make the moment they leave their safe places.

Owners are guaranteed worry-free with the device’s nationwide coverage, which allows them to track their pets anywhere in the U.S..

Meanwhile, Whistle 3’s built-in activity tracker is yet another of the device’s best features. It allows owners to actively track their pets’ daily activities and keeps tabs of the moments they’re at rest, to help monitor their health state easily.

Whistle 3 is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to seven days.

The device is also durable and waterproof, which makes it perfect for animals to wear even in extreme weather conditions.

Currently priced at $79.95, this must-have pet device is now available on Amazon.