A division of Chiba Institute of Technology, the Future Robotics Technology Center (known as fuRo) has successfully developed a master-slave robot controller called WIND, an abbreviation of Wireless Intelligent Networked Device.

WIND master slave controller

WIND master slave controller device picture

The WIND are a series of system on chip processors coupled with three-dimensional position sensors attached to a vest jacket. Those chips’ dimension is about 50x35mm per unit. Once you put the vest on your body and activate the wireless bluetooth signal, the WIND will automatically detect and transmit your body’s gestures or movements.

And by utilizing this motions detection technology, you will be able to control or let a robot act as you move. More details on below video…

Currently, the wireless bluetooth connection is limited to a 10 meters length, hence we believe a broader range version will pop up very soon once the first edition success in the market.

While this system detect and converts motions into commands, Korea Institute of Science and Technology has been working on the actual motion-capture systems for controlling the arm movements and researching on a whole-body system of Wakamaru and Mahru III, although accuracy and speed remain difficult issues.