Have you ever concern where to place your desktop computer in working space?

If space and quality are your main concern, MSI WindTop AE1900 might just have the answer for you.

MSI WindTop AE1900 only need a small space on top of your working desk.ae1900_black_fullsys-hand-480x388

Available in Black, WindTop AE1900 desktop PC is a serious energy saver, and AE1900 claim  to consume 80% less energy than other PCs of its kind.

Display with an 18.5-inch widescreen is included with touchscreen capability.  There’s also SRS Premium Sound and a built in DVD rewriter.

Digital Living Style

Supported by ‘omni-directional’ user friendly interface, MSI WindTop AE1900 promise delivering a cinematic display quality and ease of touchscreen navigation. Its 18.5 wide touchscreen has 16:9 ratio.


Friendly and Easy to Use User interface

MSI Wind Top AE 1900 user friendly touchscreen interface -MSI Wind Touch, is offering  a desktop icon to ease your working lifestyle.

It has four main touchscreen menu: ‘Work’/’Fun’/’Tool’/’Web’. At ease of finger pointing will drive you fast to the needed application.

MSI Wind Top AE 1900 also came with Easy Viewer, an application for image viewer, which is specially developed for touch screen. You could drag drop, zoom in and out on photos and pictures directly from the touchscreen.


With the HDIP (High-Dynamic-Range-Intelligent-Processing-Technology), photos or pictures with dark background could be visible through its exposure balancing value technology.

Other features include within the package are: a keyboard and mouse, a 4-in-1 card reader, a 1.3-megapixel webcam, a microphone, a 250GB hard drive, 4 USB ports, a 1.6GHz Atom 330 Dual Core processor, up to 2GB of RAM and more.

This desktop PC is available for purchase from several online retailers :

  1. Amazon.com : $520.51 ~599.00
  2. NewEgg.com :  $529.99 ~ up

MSI Wind Top AE1900-01SUS All-in-one PC 18.5

[Source: MSI Press Conference and Slash Gear]