One of the innovative projects over the Kickstarter is Cao Gadgets’ wireless sensor tag, a smart blend of wireless technology with sensor tags that capable to connect, identify and inform users about many things happening in physical world. The potential of this wireless sensor tags are huge, while it may include checking whether your door/gate is opened or in closed condition, moreover, it could help to check on room temperature and even to monitor if your refrigerator door is actually opened late in the night due to one of your kids at home feeling hungry at night.

Let’s watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Wireless Sensor Tag project and see it in action…

The tiny wireless sensor tag is capable to connect and bridge users to a range of applications on your iOS or Android mobile devices with ease, and through an Ethernet Tag manage user could remotely control the corresponding device 200ft away (up to 60 meters) around the house directly from your tablet/iPad/iPhone/smartphone while sitting at the comfort of your couch in the living room.



Besides using the Ethernet connectivity will also allow users to check for their homes or belongings anywhere around the globe, as long as there is an internet connection for their tablet/iPad/iPhone/Android smartphone.



Fortunately, Cao Gadgets is pricing the Wireless Sensor Tags at affordable price leve, only $12 per piece of wireless sensor tag. You could always get the wireless sensor on some crucial places where you wish it could help you to monitor your belongings, including your clothes cabinet that has a secret cabinet inside for storing important documents/money/jewelries.



Images & Video Courtesy:  Cao Gadgets LLC