Tend to fall asleep on working hours? Afraid being fired by your lousy boss? The following Wink Glasses from Matsunaga might solve your problem for staying awake during working hours.

The wireless usb device named wink glasses has the ability to keep you awake! It has the sensor to detects slowed blinking, which is a sign of both of “blanking out” and start to wondering off the ground!

Generally, once a person starting to fall asleep, their eyes’ blink frequencies will start to slowing down, eyes lids getting heavier, and your consciousness will start to fade out slowly at a time.


So, the Wink Glasses technology is based on the blink of your eyes, the lens will start fogging, once your eye’s blink starting to slow down.  It will keep you awake and alert while computing for hours.


Matsunaga design the wink glasses with the clip to ease wearing it on ordinary eye glasses. The wireless usb device, could runs wirelessly using  2 tiny sized watch batteries for 8 hours or it can also run using USB power via wire.

Wink Glasses + Clip       : USD167.-
Stylish Frame Glasses : USD265.-

[ Source: EverythingUSB ; TechFresh ; Matsunaga ]