If you need to work hard to maintain your position in your company, sometime it needs alot of sacrifice, including sacrificing your family hours and become a workaholic in the office.


This kind of workaholic conditions are somehow a common phenomena in today’s business climate where those willing to work harder obtain more chance to maintain their current managerial position compare to those that are unwilling to give out extra hours on their works.

And many workaholics will even take a short nap in their office in order to maintain their superb working stamina. Japan inventor seems understand very well the need of the segment and created the Workaholic Pillow in the shape of a thick book, in a hope that it will disguise the real function of the Pillow in your office.

You could easily flip back the pillow into the book shape whenever your Boss is approaching.

Price: JPY5,600.- [ approx. USD58.- ]