MicroVision and Gel Audio are joining forces to offer a mobile visual and audio technology. Appears on CES 2012, Gel Audio and MicroVision are offering the WOWee ONE portable speaker in conjunction to the PicoP laser projector that allow user to enjoy a bombastic sound and up to 200-inch of projection.

The combination allows user to get new level of experience running mobile audio visual technology at the same time, enabling mobile ‘audio-visual’ presentation an attainable goal for executives with tight schedule to perform on the go presentation whenever they wish.

Video Credit: Snazzy Labs

The wonder part of the WOWee ONE portable speaker is on the capability to transform any flat surface it sticks to become a vibration media that amplify the sound awesomely, watch above video for more idea how the stick to property work on the ONE portable speaker.

microvision-showwx-plus-projectorPrepared for release in 120 countries worldwide, no info about pricing being disclosed for the combo of WOWee and MicroVision yet. The good news is, Gel Audio seems has watched the above video and has reduced the price of WOWee’s ONE portable speaker down to USD39.99, and you could get it now right here!

[ Source: MicroVision ; WOWee ]