Now, this is one of the innovative green gadgets out there that should be praised for its brilliant idea. The pocket-size XD Design’s Solar Window Charger comes with a dimension of 11 x 11 x 1.75cm (4.3×4.3×0.68-inches), weighing 0.135 kg or about 4.76 ounces.

For those with sunny glass window at your home, apartment or offices, here is the change to recharge your mobile electronics gadgets using the stick-able XD Design Solar Window Charger. However, users are advised to stick it on any not-movable glass windows in order to avoid the stick-able charger fallen from window for forgetting the stick-able charger still sticking on the glass window.


Besides, the XD Design Solar Window Charger by XDModo is meant to offer a much slicker solution, where users could easily stick the 0.68-inches thick charger onto a glass window and let the PV panels facing out, and feed the corresponding charging cable to any mobile electronics devices at a shady/cool location of the window or table.


The Window solar charger outputs 5V/500mA via the included mini-USB cable, and has over-charge and over-heating protection built in. There’s an LED charge indicator on the bottom edge which lights red when charging and green when the battery is full.


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This XD Design Window solar charger is designed with a 1300 1400 mAh Li-ion battery, takes about 13 hours direct sunlight for full recharge, enough for making 5V/500mA output via the included mini USB cable.

Furthermore, XD Design’s Solar Window Charger comes with an ABS plastic case and a PV panel surrounded by silicone pads for sticking to a glass window. Ideal for places where the summer’s sun shine 13 hours long for a full recharge! 🙂

Price: EUR49.95 [ Approximately USD66.- ]

[ Source: Design3000 – Window solar charger ]