We believe there are parents that enjoy looking at their children doing racing in real motor bike, especially if the father once a real racer. But it is commonly known that racing bike not safe for kids, that’s why it is hard to find any quality racing bike for kids in the market.

A Spain electric motorbike manufacturer, Xispa has a new idea about entering kids’ racing bike market. As fancy as it sound, Xispa’s e-Future E 25 is an electric motor bike designed especially to suit a kid’s body height and equipped with LiFePo4 or Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries capable to generate a rated power of 350W, peak power of 1000W and Horse Power of 1.4hp.


The chassis is made of steel perimetral frame, electric clutch, 28mm tele-hydraulic EBR suspension system, nifo disc brakes, aluminium swingarm and an 800-mm wheelbase. Unfortunately, this Xispa e25 is designed for kids with body weight 25 kg or less, while this e25 bike itself has an overall weight of 21 kg.

The dimension of this Xispa’s e25 e-future electric bike is 1.2 x .58-mtr (LxW), seat height of 480mm, and depending on the racing’s field construction and range, the LiFePo4 batteries offers a maximum run up to 3 hours of usage.




Currently there are four new models of Xispa E 25, Xispa 250, XPA 280R and Endu Cross E10. No info about pricing and arrival of any of these models in U.S market yet. For more info you could contact Xispa at email: [email protected]

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[ Source: Xispa.es ]