XM18 is one bright LED cannon offering a maximum of 15,000 lumen brightness by housing either 32 or 36 lithium batteries and a cooling fan. By far, this is one of the high output LED light flash light in the market that offer three different power setting.

Designed with hexagon shape, XM18 LED flash light just ain’t any ordinary flash light, since users could buy more of the hexagon shape XM18 flash light and combine them for a brighter lighting effect.

Should be a good flash light for emergency purposes on any natural disaster period, and would be one shinny flash light for boy-scouting or camping at the outdoor.

XM18-led-flash-light-15000-Lumen-brightnessOne last issue on the XM18 would be the pricing, since, a 15,000 Lumens brightness would cost you USD2,499!

[ Source: OhGizmo ; Product Page ]