The new Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation phone is said to have similar game controls to PSPgo, and is expected to be released initially for Europe and U.S region, as been reported by Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper.

sony-playstation-phone-xperia-playThe difference with Sony PSPgo handheld gaming console will be on the smartphone features that allow gamers to communicate as well using the PlayStation phone. Another rumor is about the possibility for the PlayStation phone to be called Xperia Play and would be released in March next year.

Combining smartphone and handheld gaming device is absolutely a clever ‘pioneering’ move from Sony and Sony Ericsson, where the mobile phone market actually has long awaited more interactive, live gaming on their mobile communication gadget. That’s also explain why Apple’s iPhone received such overwhelming respond and capable to achieve tremendous sales record within a short time frame after initial launching.

Predictably, Sony and Sony Ericsson will further enhance the PlayStation phone capabilities with huge applications collection for the particular smartphone game console market.

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