The ultra-fast S-Series XQD memory cards are new product unveiled by Sony for Japan market. These S-Series XQD memory cards are capable to deliver up to 168 Mbps for both reading and writing speeds.

Available in two storage capacities of 32GB (QD-S32) and 64GB (QD-S64) and utilizes PCI Express Gen .1 interface, users will probably need to get Intel’s Thunderbolt card reader in order to get the optimum available speed for these XQD memory cards.


Ideal for professional photographers that deal frequently with high-speed continous RAW shooting on their SLR camera, XQD memory cards also a useful storage media for recording HD video as well as for high speed transmission of big size data to a PC.

According to information released by Sony, these XQD memory cards are capable to handle 108 RAW shots in 10 seconds, or about 9 mili-seconds per shot. Sony is planning to release this XQD memory cards in Japan market by this July 11th.


  • QD-S32: JPY 40,000.-
  • QD-S64: JPY 60,000.-

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[ Source: Sony ]