XWave is claimed as the first brainwave interface accessory released by PXL Devices that specially designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. XWave itself is similar to a headphones but should be worn on user’s head in order to let it function properly.


PXL Devices’ XWave brainwave device will detect your brain’s rhythm through a small sensor that placed on the skin of your forehead. XWave is using Neurosky technology that able to sense or identify user’s thinking pattern and brain’s electrical impulses that transmitted through your skull to the surface of your forehead and converts these analog signals into digital signals that will connect with devices that runs XWave applications.

such as floating an object in a video game, and the operation is quite simple, simply by thinking of it. Yeah, I know it is hardly to believe, but this is what PXL Devices’ XWave official site has been boasting.


And as an initial step for novice player or user, you could start by training your mind to focus and relax on each command. Pheww… I think this is what the Air Blender master trying to teach their students, don’t you agree?

Moreover, you could also download the XWave free applications right from the Apple Application store and unlock the power of your mind.

PXL Devices’ XWave brainwave device is said using the same technology in Uncle Milton’s The Force Trainer and Mattel’s MindFlex. And the exciting part is, you could now purchase the PXL Devices’ XWave headset on their official site right now!

Price: USD99.99

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