ZL1, SL, VL, UL: New Toshiba HDTVs – Local Dimming LEDs, Facial Recognition, 3D And WiFi

by Edward Xu

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ZL1, SL, VL and UL are four new Toshiba’s HDTVs that was uncovered during an event in Rome by Toshiba. These HDTVs offer various features with 3D-ready capability.

Toshiba Places, on the other hand, is meant for delivering new online content, services portal and social networking access through Toshiba’s HDTVs.



  • Toshiba 55ZL1, is one 55-inch HDTV that comes with Seven core CEVO CPU for image processing, 1x Pro-LED512 panel offering world’ first 512 zones of dimming among 3,072 LEDs. Toshiba 55ZL1 also offers facial recognition for personalizes watching preferences for each individual user.
  • Toshiba VL863 will come with the edge lit LED feature, LG’s FPRpassive glasses 3D and four pairs of glasses, and will come with either 42- or 47-inch display size.
  • Toshiba UL863 will be available in 32- through 46-inch, without 3D but have built-in WiFi and Personal-TV.
  • Toshiba SL863, on the other hand, will come with built-in WiFi.


No info on pricing for each series yet.

[ Source: Engadget ; ZL1, SL, VL, UL, Places ]

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