A wireless, bar shape speaker introduced by Carbon Audio is Zooka. Comes in eight color selections of blue, purple, red, orange, green, pink, grey and black.

Zooka wireless speaker bar is designed with 2x 30mm sound drivers for delivering big sound, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a removable metal kickstand, whilst, it is a stand itself with a slot for holding or sliding-in your iPad in for ideal viewing angle for watching movie or listening to your favorite MVs.

You could also attach the Carbon Audio Zooka wireless speaker bar to your notebook, Android tablets, smartphones, iPhone or even iPod Touch. The silicone finish ensures secure grip, while the built-in microphone is useful for receiving hands-free incoming calls from your tablet phone or smartphones.



Surprisingly, Carbon Audio also boost the Zooka wireless Bluetooth speaker bar with an 8-hour battery, 80db sound pressure level at 1m, while the Bluetooth connectivity is relevant for playback audio media content at a distance up to 30ft away from your mobile devices.




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