Chen Zhiyuan, Du Hui and Lu Dawei are in-house designers behind the Red Dot Award ZTE Double concept. The ZTE Double features a clamshell type of cell phone that has 3.2-inch touch sensitive LCD display, 360-degree hinge and a transparent panel that allows the user to get info about time, incoming calls and incoming short messages even when the cell phone is in close position.


ZTE Double cellphone concept offers a 360-degree hinge, which you could flip the clamshell one full circle. You have probably noticed about the solar cells across its facade that will help to harvest green solar energy while being exposed to sun in your car dashboard, or while you are having a cup of StarBuck’s coffee, you could sit near the windows and let the ZTE Double exposed to the graceful morning or afternoon sun shines.

ZTEs-Double-Phone-Solar-Phone-Concept-wins-red-dot-award-openedAccording to the designers, ZTE Double will be made with recyclable materials. How long will ZTE need in order to release this Red Dot Award green communication concept into the market?

[ Source: Yanko Design ; Red-Dot ; ZTE ]