Most durable LED lightbulb unveiled by Philips was awarded L Prize sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. L Prize is an abbreviation of Lighting Prize, the very first government-sponsored technology competition designed to encourage and motivate lighting manufacturers to develop high-efficiency, high-quality solid-state lighting products in order to replace the conventional, common light bulb.

Claims to have 20 years of durability, Philips’ LED lightbulb consumes a mere 10 watts of power and is meant to replace 40 Watts incandescent bulbs prior they are completely banned in United States by 2014.


Estimated Retail Price: USD60.- [ currently negotiating a rebates between USD20 ~ USD30, the price is expected to eventually drop down to USD22 within its first year of availability, and hopefully it will keep on decreasing the value down below USD5, a budget where majority of average income household would have no excuse to not changing their incandescent bulbs, isn’t it? ]

We can’t source the 40W LED lightbulb on any online retail yet, but there is a 60W, dimmable Philips LED lightbulb that comes in a pack of 4, you could check out the LED lightbulb right here!

[ Source: Verge ; Lighting Prize ]