Latest approved three gigantic research lasers by European Commission under the Extreme Light Infrastructure Project that designed with a super powerful laser beam. This research lasers are several hundred times more powerful than all the power generated by our civilization, hoping that this type of reseach laser will be able to device or tear apart the vacuum of space-time itself, trying to reveal the matter and antimatter underneath.


At peak power, the laser is capable to incorporate ten beams into one single pulse measuring 200 petawatts! More than the total power that Earth receives from the sun every day. However, one big drawback is on the short time frame of the 200 petawatt pulses that will last 1.5×10^-14 second, which is about the time for light to travel from one side of a human hair to the other side, providing you shave down the hair by 90 percent?!

Would it capable to destroy any large scale of asteroids or other outer space’s treathening objects into nothingness? That will surely save our planet earth from the dangerous asteroids rain or if the Nibiru dark star really exists and passing by around the neighbourhood, isn’t it?

[ Source: Dvice ; New Scientist ; ELI ]