Rather than wasting your six figures income on the a roulette or blackjack desk in Las Vegas, you could save for Christophe Claret‘s upcoming 21 Blackjack luxury wrist watch. The 21 Blackjack watch is designed to be a toy, a game for big boys and one of the masterpiece of Christophe Claret.

The diameter of the limited edition of 21 Blackjack watch is 45mm wide and all models have titanium that is mixed with either more titanium, 18k white or pink gold, or platinum. There are five total combinations in total, that result in a maximum of 105 of these timepieces that will be released over the years. Christophe Claret will also equip the 21 Blackjack watch with up to 30 meters water resistance feature.

On the PVD black titanium and 18k rose gold model, hands on the dial come in black ceramic edged, with gold in the center. You will see four sapphire crystals on the case. One over the dial, another over the caseback, and two on the side for the dice and the hammer and gongs window.


Simplest game on the 21 Blackjack watch is the dice game. You will find two miniature 1.5mm wide dices on inside the lower right side window, the second one is the roulette wheel, which could be found on the rear side of the watch, and finally the more complex Blackjack game.


The self winding mechanism will provide up to 72 hours of power reserve with automatic movement frequency of 28,800 bph. The roulette wheel’s spinning mechanism is base on an automatic rotor, but has a minor stop mechanism to stop to a halt in one of the fixed positions when it begins to lose momentum.

You will notice a green emerald that engraved above the 17 number while the wheel detail is gorgeous, while the total of game play combinations offers by 21 Blackjack watch is up to 884,736 game play. So instead of placing bets on the Las Vegas’ blackjack table, you could gather your buddies to play anywhere from the pub to your seat in the airplane.


The basic rules of the house are displayed in the dial of the watch. The dealer must hit on 16 and stay on 17, all of the “cards” are located on a series of printed solid gold discs under the smoked sapphire dial.

Playing blackjack is done via a few simple pushers on the left of the case. There are pushers to deal, and hit for either the player or the dealer (the watch). Each time you “hit,” a chiming mechanism (similar to that on a minute repeater) using a hammer and gong sounds like you are starting a boxing match. As I said before, the hammer (that is labeled with “Hit”) is visible through a window on the side of the case. All Christophe Claret watches involve some manner of chiming element to them as hammer and gongs are one of his signature complications. The watch is really incredible and I can’t wait to play with it.

Detail Features on 21 Blackjack watch:


  • White gold and grade 5 black PVD titanium; pink gold and grade 5 black PVD titanium; platinum and grade 5 black PVD titanium; grade 5 black PVD titanium, or grade 5 grey titanium. Diameter: 45 mm
  • Two side windows, one revealing the striking mechanism hammer and bell, the other a pair of dice
  • Titanium or titanium/gold crowns
  • Watertight to 3 atm


  • Titanium and grey sapphire with a plaque decorated with casino-related motifs (card games, Las Vegas or Joker), or black onyx
  • Black PVD/ruby or gold/ceramic hands


  • three “dealer” windows, two of which are activated by a button pushpiece at 10 o’clock with bell
  • four “player” windows, three of which are activated by a button pushpiece at 8 o’clock with bell
  • Back: 3D roulette wheel that rotates as the watch rotor moves


  • Black alligator with a two-screw attachment system that avoids damaging the case

Limited Edition

  • Each version will be limited to a maximum of 21 pieces

Suggested retail price: CHF178,000 to CHF. 210,000 (Swiss francs)