CrunchGear has an interesting article about 3D printer that could make food in its 3D format. It was a collaboration between a New York based Cornell University and French Culinary Institute that makes the 3D Food possible object to create.

Above picture is a mini, edible shuttle spaceship that made using 3D printers, other 3D edible objects created including the crispy corn snacks made from squiggly patterns and scallops, turkey and celery made from chocolate, cheese and hummus.


The basic principle is the same as 2D printing system, drawing the image by dropping droplets of ink onto a paper, the difference, the 3D edible objects is ‘printed’ by drawing lines of material on top of each other through the printer syringe on the blank printer container.

Excitement comes from the possibility of making texturized foods that has never been experienced before.

The possibility of making a meatloaf with sauce like a sponge. No more starvation for Geeks with a laptop? Hopefully!

[ Source: CrunchGear ; CBC Canada ; Cornell University ; French Culinary Institute ]