The advanced of visual 3D application and bare-eyes 3D display has triggered the idea of affordable 3D scanner, by installing a Trimensional app on user’s iPhone. This idea has triggered Vienna University of Technology’s Prof. Jürgen Stampfl and his mechanical engineer team to create a compact prototype for an affordable 3D printer .


For creating 3D objects, the compact and affordable looking 3D printer will be using a type of resin formulated by a team of chemists led by Prof. Robert Liska. The 3D printer is designed using the so called “additive manufacturing technology”, where the 3D objects are by forming one layer at a time, where the special resin will be heated by high-intensity beams that come out from focus LED light and the next layer will be following the previous level is harden.


Each layer is approximately one twentieth a millimeter thick, resulting in three dimensional objects with fair details. You could also use the printer to get miniature of complex interior structures.

The researchers over Vienna University of Technology is squeezing their brains for miniaturizing the prototype down to a milk carton big at 1.5 kg weight. This should however getting smaller along with the enhanced technology for 3D printing technology.

Price: EUR1,200.- [ approx. USD1,700.- ]

[ Source: Gizmag ; Vienna University of Technology ]