No more arguing on the airport with the airport authorities regarding your luggage weight. The only talking luggage scale comes with a verbal solution that not only gives display on its 3.5-inch backlit LCD, but also has built-in speaker that announces the weight in an easy to understand female voice.

Capable to display weight readings up to 110 lbs, the readings could be set in either pounds or kilograms, and automatically turns off after 50 seconds of inactivity for energy saving.


Bundled with 2x CR2032 batteries, this only talking luggage scale is about the size of a cell phone, with a round stick shape and a dimension of 4.5 in length and 1-inch in diameter, it that could be stored unobtrusively in most souvenir-laden suitcase. Available in silver color, this only talking luggage scale is about 4 oz in weight.

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