TheCoolGadgets.com is a daily blog filled with cool gadgets for all group of ages*. Initially conceptualized as gadgets blog, it’s now more or less a mass depository for whatever gadgets we find interesting.

We’re like that refrigerator you throw everything you buy from supermarket shelves, in which a bit more tidy and organized, minus a bit of cool-gadgets you might have worn or use few years ago.

In short, The CoolGadgets samples a bit of gadgets from news to latest hot gadgets, from video to games gadgets.

In a sentence “the cooler the better“.

How we do it

TheCoolGadgets’ content is sourced the old fashioned way: each day, we read and visit hundreds of blogs, online stores and social media sites in an effort to find the cool-est gadgets We also receive a small, but growing number of contribution from our readers via This Is Cool! page.

On Clarity, Transparency and Community

The CoolGadgets is about clarity: every post is kept short and as informative as possible, with clearly marked outgoing links. If it’s an on-shelf product, we provide a price and/or a link to the relevant website; if we find a story elsewhere, we always credit the source.

We receive no gifts or perks for our posts, and sponsored advertising is always clearly indicated. We figure the more transparent we are, the easier it’ll be for you, our valued reader, the news or other cool information on the latest cool-er or cool-est gadgets on the market – to meet up with what you have been expecting.

We sincerely know we’re not perfect, which is why we allow you to refer our post to your favorable social network. This way allows us to iteratively refine our posts and selections of gadgets for the cool-est gadgets on the net.

We also encourage you to contact us with any constructive suggestions, comments or corrections.

We’re always up for meeting new faces and love to hear from our readers!

A Special Thank You

TheCoolGadgets concept was deeply inspired by wonderful sites like hardwaresphere and coolest-gadgets, and therefore we try our best to only deliver the cool-est gadgets from internet virtual shelves.

Without you, we would be nothing and your sincerity and constructive comments are the greatest give and earnest support to bring us through our toughest time and uplift us for the better.

We also wish to thank our dear readers, for whom we’ve created this site and to whom we owe its existence. From messages of support to tell-the-world links, you help to recreate this site and inspire us to deliver even-more touching, ground breaking and relevant cool contents. Our heartiest Salute to all of you!

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* no matter what your age or gender, we will always welcome you at TheCoolGadgets, but since most of our team members are guys, our content tends to be gents.