It would not be a surprise if Stan Shih is going to release Acer Slate tablet in 2011 in order to absorb greater market share and maintain Acer’s competitive edge in the mobile computing market. The direct rival, Asus, which is also a Taiwan base computer manufacturer has also released several tablets last year.

Observing the latest trends of iPad, slim shape laptop/tablet such as Dell Adamo or Notion Ink’s Adam tablet, and the recent appearance of iCapsule that capable for converting iPad into a laptop, the market gap between laptop and tablet is somehow getting closer and closer each and every day.


According to Lu Bing-hsian, Acer Taiwan’s sales manager, Acer Slates will likely be powered by Intel Sandy Bridge and has average display dimension of 7 ~ 10 inches. However, according to Lu, Acer will still continue with the production of netbooks, but likely heading  for simpler models and gradually decrease the production level in the future.

Will netbook survive future competition to fill the gap between the slates, tablets, notebook and laptops?

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