What suppose to be a fairy tales of glowing clothes and fabrics would become a very common phenomena in near future fashion industry!

Optical fibers, so did the industry experts name the media that capable of transmitting data in an amazing speed of light, and it has been a great technology chitchat ever since.


And silently, fashion industry seems also fascinated by the ability to deliver light into the fibers, probably this is something that the fairy tales’ fashions and movies have been lacking of until these days!

The glowing fabrics, as been working at MIT by Yoel Fink, an associate professor of a materials science and principal investigator at MIT’s Research Lab of Electronics, during the past decade.


The acoustic fibers are claimed to have the capability of transmitting light pulses and interact with their environment, and the latest news has confirmed that the glowing fibers are capable of detecting and produce sound!!

It is indeed an exciting invention, since we could imagine the future of fashion could essentially be combined with mobile communication technology, i.e.: perhaps there will be a mobile phone T-Shirt, a mobile phone handkerchief? 😀

[ Source: Gizmag ; MIT ]