How about getting some cool water breeze after the long summer day? The adjustable temperature outdoor shower is designed to provide convenience access to warm tap water, where you could enjoy a pour of soothing water flush at between 60 to 130 degree Fahrenheit at your backyard or your private outdoor shower.

The unit produces up to 4 3/4-gallons of hot water after three hours of sun exposure, offering up to 4x two-minutes showers. The water pressure is strong enough to quickly rinse off chlorine or dirt, and the swivel showerhead could be tilted for optimal body positioning.


Adjustable Temperature Outdoor Shower offers a lifetime guarantee, ensuring the use of high quality, durable shower parts that comes with an overal dimension of 80.5 x 11 x 5.5-inch (HxDxW), weighing 22 lbs. The temperature is adjustable between 60 to 130 degree Fahrenheit, the shower’s housing acts as a greenhouse and heats water from a hose, allowing the shower handle to accept have both cool and heated water.

The shower comes along with the base and necessary concrete mounts with the bolts.

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