If you have been following Japanese pop industry in recent years, you might have heard about the AKB48. The Japanese pop group that consists of young girls. But the newly introduced Eguchi Aimi is not a real human singer in the AKB48, instead, she is actually a computer generated composite of the real band members.

In simple wording, Aimi is a combination made of the best features of six other members, including her mouth, eyes, nose, face outline, eyebrows, hair/body is purely an innovative and brilliant work of cut-and-paste.


Eguchi Aimi has become quite popular among the AKB48‘s fans, however, she is just a 150 gigabyte creation of CG patchwork. How about a virtual family member that created using the best looking part of rest of your family members, interesting?

Expect to see more virtual pop song singers and movie stars in near future.