Michaël Harboun, Antoinne Coubronne and Thoma Chabrier have a wonderful idea about how the Bluetooth headsets add-on should take shape for iOS phones or Android smarphones should take shape.

The Angle concept is introduced as a compact, thin square Bluetooth headset add one that could easily slot into the rear case of an iPhone. Users could put on the Bluetooth headset in a quick and easy manner, enabling more flexibility on a video call, where call receipient could easily hear the caller voice while viewing the facial expression of the caller at the same time.

Let’s watch the video how to effortlessly cling the Angle Bluetooth headset onto your ear…

Angle from Michaël Harboun on Vimeo.

Alternatively, user could leave the smartphone to a friend or family and have a group chat at the same time. Putting the Bluetooth headsets on your ear need a mere three to four seconds.



Still a concept at this particular moment, iPhone accessories’ manufacturers interested to build this type of bluetooth headset could contact Michaël Harboun directly at his email address, right here.

[ Source: OhGizmo ; Michaël Harboun – Angle ]