Another news from Beijing International Motor Show 2012, the @Ant concept is a unique individual urban vehicle called Chery @Ant that introduce the idea of ‘road train’ system to the market. The road train system will allow these individual urban vehicles to be attached together as well as detached in the operation.

In the attached mode, these individual Chery @Ant will look like a ‘snaky’ train resembling those supermarket’s trolleys. The difference of course, @Ant is equipped with automated telematics systems, on which the rear car wheels of each individual unit is designed to have pairing up compatibility with the front wheels of the same model car that attach from behind.



Images Credit: Autoblog

Maximum of pairing up for the @Ants is up to 10 units, where @Ant with similar destination could connect together after sharing and processing destination and timing info over the cloud. Whilst, there is still remaining question about how much energy efficiency could be saved implementing the pair up system.

No further info about production, pricing and availability yet.

[ Source: Autoblog Green ; Chery International ]