Calls it creative, but likely, some ordinary folks out there have been fooled by Google for the newly launched Google Nose Beta!

Yes, it is an April Mob’s sensation Google trying to deliver to their wide audiences. We come to surprise to hear about the sniffing your smartphone to get the smelling of different kind of sensation or odors.


Wonder when would the scentsation would be available in search engine? This would be much a challenge for the leading smartphone manufacturers to challenge the idea given out by Google today, don’t you agree?

It would be wonderful if smartphone users could go beyond talk, type and touch for a new notation of sensation on their portable communicating device, after all, we, the human beings are all social creatures that gravite toward touches, and smells.

How about test out the new scentsation by sniffing your smartphone? Promise don’t puke or faint after you smell something bad, will ya? 😀

Happy April Mob guys n gals!

[ Source: Google Nose Beta ]