Parrot AR. Drone Quadricopter, is a high-tech remote controllable copter that incorporate gyro sensors, ultrasound sensor, accelerometer, powerful on-board computer for intelligent piloting, wide angle camera, made of carbon fiber and high-resistance PA66 plastic, with all parts could be changed for easy repair.


The most exciting part, you could use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with WiFi capability to control the device either remotely or in auto pilot mode using the front-view camera providing live video feed.

Parrot AR. Drone quadricopter has a dimension of 22.4×22.4×5.4-inches and weighing 1 pounds, you will find a 3-cell lithium polymer battery offering 1000 mAh capacity that require 90 minutes recharging time for 12 minutes of flying.


Detail Features of Parrot A.R. Drone Quadricopter:


  • 4 x 15 W electric brushless motors (3,500 rpm)


  • High-efficiency propellers
  • Carbon tube structure

Front camera

  • VGA (640 x 480) CMOS camera
  • 93-degree wide-angle lens
  • 15 fps video

Vertical camera

  • QCIF (176 x 144) High-speed camera (CMOS)
  • 64-degree diagonal lens
  • 60 fps video
  • Horizontal stabilization


  • Ultrasound-based
  • Range: 6 m
  • Emission frequency: 40 kHz
  • Vertical stabilization

Internal guidance system

  • MEMS (micro electro mechanical system)
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 2-axis gyroscope
  • 1-axis yaw precision gyroscope

Embedded computer

  • ARM9 RISC 32-bit 468 MHz
  • 128 MB DDR RAM
  • Wi-Fi b/g
  • Linux OS
  • USB socket


  • Size: 28 x 28 inches with hull; 29 x 11 inches without
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces

Price: USD299.99 [ Buy Parrot AR. Drone Quadricopter for only USD299.95, right here! ]

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