You might have been asking, which one is the best espresso machine in the market?

A cup of good taste quality espresso is essential for restaurant that serving hundreds or even thousands of customer daily. If you have been searching for quality espresso machine for your restaurant, food stall, or simply for your private enjoyment, a cup of quality espresso at the comfort of your home kitchen.

One of the best espresso machine we just stumbled today is the Astoria Dual Espresso Machine, commercial-grade dual espresso machine from Italy. Comes with elegant, classic outlook of column espresso maker dated back in 1901, Astoria Dual Espresso Machine is about 20.5 x 27.5 x 21-inch (HxWxD), weighing 183 pounds.

Even though the outlook is somewhat classic, at the core, Astoria Dual Espresso Machine’s internal brewing mechanism offers an advanced microprocessor that has automatic water amount adjustment feature relative to the serving size for perfect water-to-grind ratio. This feature added a big benefit whether for making solely a cup or up to 40 cups in one go, where the water levels are also manually adjustable.


Moreover, Astoria’s Dual Espresso Machine comes with touchpad controls that allow four differnet coffee dosage selections for different brew strengths, even for a single brewing cycle.

As you could see from above photo, Astoria Dual Espresso Machine has an ornate copper dome that is handmade in Morocco and topped with a brass eagle, a stylish yet elegant classic outlook, isn’t it suitable for 5 stars hotels and restaurants that offers a self-serve buffet service to their best valued customers?

The Astoria Dual Espresso machine has 18-gauge galvanized steel with highly polished and stainless steel steam wands and panels, and a 12-quart boiler. This dual espresso machine require a 220-volt connection with a dedicated 25 amp circuit breaker, drain and water line.

Almost forget to mention, this dual espresso machine has a built-in water softener ensures optimal water quality for the best cup of espresso possible and it includes tamper, which could also accommodate single-serving espresso pods.

No worry, is it installed by a professionally certified Astoria representative who will also give out proper instruction to buyer about how to prepare and use the machine appropriately.

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