A greyscale touchscreen tablet that was also released by Asus during the Computex 2010 in Taiwan, Taipei, is the 64-levels grayscale display that offers 1024×768 pixel resolution. The greyscale tablet is called Asus Eee Tablet. This tablet is definitely not the same as the Asus Eee Pad EP121.

A hands-on video from Gearlog will let you know more about Asus Eee Tablet

Asus Eee Tablet‘s will come with up to 10 hours battery life, and the gray-scale touchscreen has a sensitivity level up to 2450 dpi, you could navigate the pointer to reach any sub-pixel accurately.


The use of a reflective LCD instead of an e-ink display means you get super quick page turns, ASUS claims just 0.1 seconds for a page of text.

It would be ideal for note taking and sketching device, Asus Eee Tablet could also read eBooks and text files. Yahoo News has indicated that Asus Eee Tablet will be commercialized in September 2010.

Estimated Price: USD199.- ~ USD299.-

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