Did you read about the upcoming ultrabooks as well as tablet laptop hybrid devices from Acer and Asus?

The latest series of ultrabook unveiled by Acer is the Aspire S7 that comes two different screen sizes of 11.6-inches and a 13.3-inches. Acer Aspire S7 series ultrabook was announced at Computex in Taipei recently, and both models of S7 ultrabook will run Windows 8 OS, a touchscreen displays, aluminum unibody and white color dominated casing design. There is a glass lid for the 13-inch model, while both models come with backlit keyboards and full HD displays.


Asus, on the other hand, has also announced two new hybrid products called Transformer Book and Taichi, a fascinating Tablet Laptop Hybrid device. Asus Transformer Book will come with a range of Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge processors, 4GB RAM, a detachable keyboard as well as additional battery source similar to Transformer Prime and USB3.0 port. For graphics, you will get NVIDIA’s GPU, while the there are three screen sizes from 11.6, 13 to 14-inches to choose from, the displays offer full HD 1920×1080 pixels resolution.


Asus Transformer Book will run Windows 8 OS, while the Taichi tablet laptop hybrid device will have Super IPS+ full HD 1080p displays, available in two screen sizes of 13.3-inch or 11.6-inch, powered by Intel’s Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor.

The wonder of Asus Taichi is on the dual touchscreen displays that exists on the front cover and one on the inside similar to ordinary laptop. A bit different from Acer’s previous Iconia F54W dual-screen notebook, where the dual screens are designed inside the notebook, Asus’ innovation take the screen to the front on the top of the front cover on this upcoming Taichi, where there is an option to allow both the front and the inside screen to display same, real-time view on both side, allowing user and viewer sitting on the opposite direction to get same view at the same time.


Image Credit: Engadget

The other unique capability is to allow user to view the Taichi as if using a tablet with a docking, using the front cover screen for a better reading angle when user just doesn’t seem want to type using the slim tablet laptop hybrid device.

Let’s get a sneak peek for other mentioned features, buttons and functions of this upcoming Asus Taichi hybrid tablet laptop device…

Video credit: Tech In Style

Of course, we are still waiting for further info whether Asus is going to equip the front cover ‘convertible’ touch-display with a scratch and drop resistant surface such as corning’s gorilla glass. Other mentioned features about Asus Taichi is a full sized keyboard, dual cameras (front and rear facing) and SSD for the storage.

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[ Source: Geeky Gadgets ; Engadget ]