Auton is renown for its motorized system in the market. With presence of thin LCD and LED HDTVs in the market the last three years, Auton has come out with the idea of TV lifts for storing thin hdtv under the bed.


The Dream Machine TV Lifts, as it was named, of course is to help users to save more interior space in your bed room while providing the convenience to enjoy large hdtv. It could lift up your thin hdtv right from the end of your bed. Slide it down or get it back on the stand seamlessly with a simple operational touch of a remote control’s button.

Auton designed the Dream Machine in two models of DM70 and DM120S, both capable to withstands up to 120lb. Despite the comfort and convenience of sliding up and down tv under your bed, we really doubted this type of arrangement will do any good for the TV viewer’s eyes.

USD13,999.- [ DM70 ]
USD22,999.- [ DM120S ]

[ Source: HD Gear ; AudioHolics ; Auton ]