Enough for those solar powered portable boiler? If solar power is sometimes hard to get, whenever inside a forest, up on the mountain or deep in the jungle, what might be best materials that will do the trick to become the fuel? Well, there are abundance of fallen three branches, twigs, pine cones, dried leaves, fungus or even dried cow chips.

Of course, if you are camping at your own backyard or bring a camping van along, you could always utilized the used newspapers, waste papers or cardboard for the fuel. The Backcountry Boiler is built with above found materials as an alternative to replace the fancy, running out fossil fuel.


Weighing about 227g or 8oz for the Raw model built using bare metal, this Backcountry Boiler has a capacity of approximately 90 ci or about 1.5 litre. This Backcountry Boiler is featured over the Kickstarter and has succesfully raised fund for the project, Devin, the project owner is now heading to built for accessories for this Backcountry Boiler as well. You could read more from his blog over theboilerwerks.com.

Unfortunately, the Backcountry Boiler is yet to be commercially available in the market, those who made their pledge earlier on Kickstarter should be the starters that will enjoy this practical boiler, wondering if Devin planning to get a stainless steel cap for the boiler?

How about a cup of hot sweet chocolate at the peak of the foggy mountain during your hiking session? Just remember to get some twigs from the hillside.