For folks that enjoy classic musics, Banjo is one type of musical instrument that has the shape of a guitar with rounded head where the five strings will resonate to produce unique sound.

If you are a guitarist and interested to learn more about how to play Banjo, you could start getting the Banjo instrument along with the instructional DVD by Bluegrass banjo player, Avram Siegel that will guide you step by step through tuning the string using automatic tuning software, scales, chords and rolls.

This interesting musical instrument enjoyed by player across all ages, is played using three finger, as been popularized by bluegrass legend Earl Scruggs. The dimension of the Banjo itself is 37x13x3 1/4-inch (LxDiaxD), weighing 5lbs, bundled along are two finger picks, thumb pick and a carrying bag. The slim and adjustable poplar neck with rosewood fingerboard will allow smooth transitions between chords.


Its five light-gauge strings and open-gear machine heads provide easy playing and precise tuning. From the same instructional DVD, you will also learn how to play folk classics such as Cripple Creek and Cumberland Gap.


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