This wireless clock system is called – ‘BEDOL’. :p

Strangely as its name, but you could run this modern design wireless clock system without any need for winding, battery replacement or trouble of electrical recharging. It does not contain any toxic chemicals in the process of making the eco-friendly BEDOL water clock. Whenever it stop, all it needs to get is a splash of lemon juice cures.


So how does it work?

The BEDOL’s wireless clock system has the capability to run 6 to 8 weeks straight before starting to ‘feel ill’ and need to be ‘freshened-up’ again.

So what is the cures for such a sickness of a BEDOL water clock? You simply need to give it enough drink – some tap water plus a splash of lemon juice, that’s all! Hard to believe that lemon juice cures the BEDOL, aren’t you? 🙂

Worry if BEDOL’s wireless clock system can’t catch up with the time when it gets sick? No worry at all, as it has a built-in memory chip that retains the current time so that it does not lost any moment while you refill the tank.

BEDOL water clock has 4” x 3.5” dimension, and a sophisticated wireless clock system design which make it possible to run on alternative source of energy. It will not cause any indoor nor outdoor pollution, except if you spill the lemon splash and tap water on to your bed sheet or working desk, that’s a force majeure!

Bedol wireless clock system is available in four color shades.

Price: USD16.-

[ Source: Coated ; CraziestGadgets ]