Tzu Chi, a Taiwanese Buddhist charity organization has been sending out blankets made of recycled bottles to keep those homeless Haiti’s earthquake and Pakistan’s flood survivors victims warm.


These blankets are produced in collaboration with Taiwanese textile factories, and the raw materials were selected from waste collected by volunteers of Tzu Chi organizations around the world that help to collect and sort out plastic bottles at garbage yards and then clean them for further processing.




The blanket made of recycled bottles is not a first attempt from Tzu Chi to go green, in fact, the charity foundation has been producing various eco-friendly items, including scarfs, shirts and tote bags.

This is a worth for a further look effort to further reduce non-biodegradable garbage while helping others in need to live a better life, don’t you agree?


Side note: Tzu Chi’s humanitarian and charity works are designed to help out disasters victims or those in need across the globe.

[ Source: EcoFriend ; The State ; Tzu Chi ]