Blinput system is a wearable smartphone for visually impaired person. A facing out camera is designed with a pair of headphones that would produce audio in 3D, while navigating the system’s controls, a visually impaired user should hold their hand in front of the phone’s camera and scroll through audible options, using their hand gesture and fingers’ pointing to get relevant information and directions.

The wonder of Blinput system is on the smartphone’s camera, that will automatically gather context relevant information and pronounced in 3D audio to the user. The bundled headphones are designed to allow ambient background noise to be heard.

The Blinput system also allow users to interact with other devices, including vending or ticket machines that are embedded with RFID and Bluetooth.


Furthermore, the Blinput system concept also give additional help for those visually impaired person for shopping in stores, while the camera will help to identify the food being searched, it could also help to read item’s barcode for more product details. Users could also identify a person’s emotional state using the interactive camera that will translate the speaking opponent’s facial expression by sending particular pattern of vibration back to the user.


Blinput system is a creative idea of Erik Hals, a Norwegian designer. Even though the Blinput system concept is still in its early stage, we believe it could be come a useful for those visually impaired people to enjoy richer social interaction in their daily lives.

[ Source: MedGadget ; Blinput ]