No more excuse for your absent-minded house keeper about losing keys after drunk in the bar last night! Here is the solution for keys owner that often forget where they put their keys or other small mobile devices on their journey.

The Stick n Find Bluetooth trackers comes in form of stickers that could be stick to your key ring’s tag or disc and set the preferred range of the keys or items to alert your iOS or Android smartphone about the moving object.

However, you must not lose your iOS or Android devices that being used to track the other items, since this stick n find bluetooth trackers could not work without the free Radar app on a tracking media.


You could use the stick-n-find blueooth tracker to track up to 20 items at once within 100 foot range, while on the tracking screen you could notice the object moves out of the selected range if your belongings are taken away from the proper places.

Besides, the Stick-N-Find stickers have a buzzer and light, to ease user to find stuff in the dark. The sticker’s size is about the size of a quarter, convenient to stick about anywhere on key ring’s tag, smartphone or your tablet pc’s rear side.

Included along with the purchase are 2 Stick-N-Find Bluetooth trackers, the Radar app system and the stickers require Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, where the 1x CR2016 replaceable battery last up to 1 year, base on 30 minutes a day usage, last longer if not being used daily.

The system detection range is up to 100 feet, works well on Bluetooth 4.0 iOS devices, including iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad with Retina display, iPod Touch 7th generation as well as iPad mini. It also works with Android devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy, running Androidâ„¢ 4.1+ OS.

Interested? You could get the stick-n-find bluetooth trackers, right here!